New links from the exciting project "50 Years — 50 Women in Ceramic, A Ceramic Exhibition 2016". Lucy Lewis Dates: 1890/8–March 12, 1992

Lucy Lewis 
Dates: 1890/8–March 12, 1992

Considered one of the matriarchs of American Indian pottery, Lucy M. Lewis was born and raised on Sky City mesa, a land formation more than three hundred feet high in Acoma Pueblo, west of Albuquerque, New Mexico

I have always been interested in the ability of a ceramic vessel to point to something beyond itself—to function as metaphor. Ceramic vessels, physically structured with necks, shoulders, bellies, and feet, can evoke the gesture and anthropomorphized stance of the human body; they also reveal deep aspects of human experience and of the natural world. My recent work explores three variations on the ceramic vessel form: