Very enjoyable and welcome "An Illustrated Guide to Arthur Danto's "The End of Art"

I very much enjoyed this illustrated take on Arthur Danto’s The End of Art”  Hyperallergic. I came across Danto's idea around 2000, while embarking on post grad studies in art history, and while, like much of this type of writing, it can be a bit wobbly, as a writer studying among studio artists I found his idea quite liberating, in that "The End of Art" provided a useful base for my own sort of anti art research of tourist souvenirs, particularly the well aimed quote regarding -"The age of pluralism is upon us…when one direction is as good as as another”.

My own, modest anti art type of approach embraced the idea a lack of historical importance, but at the same time favoured the pluralism of less grand but equally important narrative appended by the artists  as producers and the collectors of humble souvenirs, the divers direction of Danto’s thesis, based on the individual experience of place.

I had, I must admit, largely forgotten the key role this work played on my own studies and am pleased to be reminded of it through this light and enjoyable essay.

Tiernan Morgan & Lauren Purje -  An Illustrated Guide to Arthur Danto's "The End of Art"