What shape is your elephant parts 1 & 2 - Cambodia and Thailand

The two draft papers added today to the Tourism Studies section for download — What Shape is your Elephant... Part 1 and 2—, represent extended research based on earlier conference papers. They have presented a bit of a struggle, to realise a suitable format. There is too much information to fit within the limitations of most academic journals, and not really enough for a second book should such be in the offing. Working in isolation, as a non attached, or perhaps vagrant, researcher, I do not have a network to develop a further option of an edited collection of extended chapters, on say the theme of animal or wildlife tourism.

The two articles are probably more suited to a longer integrated paper that would allow for comparative discussion, but I have formatted them in the following way in an attempt to comply with the aforementioned academic journal framework. The much needed comparative discussion will occur in Part 3 together with a summary of other elephant souvenirs and a conclusion to this research. Comment and advice in the formulation of the final section based on the first two parts is very welcome.