A wee earthenware tea pot

After 10 years of itinerancy, I’m about to begin the next adventure with my partner, but before that a final special souvenir of sorts.

When it comes to tea, traditions and ritual are layered deep in China, and for good reason, as the results are ambrosian.

We have a particular liking for Puer Cha, from Yunnan, a semi fermented tea, that like single malt whisky improves with age, another appreciation of our. But to get the best from this tea requires a certain raw earthenware type pot of tiny proportions. And of course like the tea, it ranges in cost, according to the quality. Who would have thought a fistful of clay could be shaped into such a valued utilitarian object, so integral to a simple beverage. This one a modest $100, selected for it’s simplicity, will be nursed back to Tasmania and into a new off grid and deeply peaceful home... 

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