Ceramic art & a poetic effort #3

This final effort engages the emotions of disgust and loathing. It is a spit in the eye to those that place the accumulation of money as the priority of life. I thought a bit before posting this as I am alert to the the China bashing trend, and don't want to be part of that, but then greed exists everywhere and it provides a balance to my other poetic efforts and the exploration of how both a art form might relate to each other.


The link to the ceramic work of inspiration is once removed. In October 2014, Hong Kong artist Johnson Tsang’s small clay figurines of childlike soldiers, came into my scope. Their squabbling expression reminded my of Wang Minjuan’s manically grinning figures, a naively sinister expression I often encountered in China, an expression I’ve come to interpret as one that is vacant of spiritual grounding. 


Tsangs work resonated with me from a difficult week I spent in Hong Kong as the need to work and the defense of democratic rights started to challenge the people of the former British colony and resulted in the Umbrella  demonstrations the day after I departed back to the mainland.