A long time coming

Been a while

It has been a while on many counts. The last few months have a seen us settle in to our off grid cottage, meaning the end of building, although a home is never really finished but a house is, and the solving of small but annoying issues. So here comes summer.

Also the eventual publication of two long awaited articles, in the same issue of Ceramics Art and Perception Vol. 104. 

Between them both articles represent a beginning and end. "America Pinched and Pulled" being the last article I wrote during my extended period working overseas, and "Turn Turn Turn" being the first on our return to Australia and the start of our off grid adventure. Both were also the result of good fortune, the first being the wonderful hospitality of Jenn Brazelton, welcoming a complete stranger into her studio and introducing me to the Oakland art area and greater San Francisco, and the second being one of those lucky moments of timing while waiting for our dog to be released from his 10 day Sydney quarantine.

Click the Fine Art button at the top to see the Turn Turn Turn and the extended (and more complex) version of America Pinched and Pulled.


America Pinched and Pulled
The short version
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