David L Hume


I am from Tasmania, Australia, having grown up in the UK. I have spent a number of years living in the Tasmanian bush, from which I have gained a deep appreciation for nature and landscape. I hold a Ph.D from the University of Tasmania - Art History and Theory- and have taught in Australia, the UK, North  Africa, Thailand and extensively throughout mainland China, teaching Art and Design History and Theory, Tourism Studies, ESP Art and Design and research and study skills.

 My writing ranges across disciplines, including, tourism, fine art - especially ceramic art - and education. Independence, as a writer and teacher, is one of the things I value most, which, to some extent, has caused me to keep on the move, but as a result all my work retains its integrity.


I now live off grid in Southern Tasmania, a return to a lifestyle I first embraced over 30 years ago. There have been many developments since then, making this shift much easier now. I have also returned to a craft I enjoyed many many years before, writing poetry as an expression of place. You can find most of my writing in many genres here. It is not always pretty, and neither should it be...


Publication list


Blue Nib Literary Magazine http://magazine.thebluenib.com

Nostalgia  (July 2017)

Downsizing - a short story in ten poems  (July 2017)

Front Bar Waiting  (September 2017)


Nature Writing http://magazine.thebluenib.com 

A Dream Washed Up (September 2017)



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Goodbye B543

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Shed at CAST (Contemporary Art Services Tasmania) Gallery


June 2001

Earth Unplugged at Entrepôt Gallery, Centre for the Arts,

Tasmanian School of Art University of Tasmania

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Souvenirs: Bringing the holiday home

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