Video Pojects

The aim of these videos is to make portraits of people, not in the tradition of the sat still portrait, but candidly, to capture the movement of the subject and their current situation or activity.

A weekend visit to Hangzhou, I was hoping to stumble across some interesting art, instead was ran into an odd little scene in an underpass.

Underpass with Musician and Floor Cleaner


This short film was provoked by the suggestion that public transport in the US is only used by poor, desperate and scary people.

I don't usually take a camera in the toilet

A short film about a special toilet in Thailand

I don't usually take a camera into the toilet    

It's all about me

When tourists visit attractions the aim for many is to record their presence rather than see the site.

It's all about me MrHumbug Films 2014    

Rims of Steel 

A ghostly perambulation - Chiang Rai Thailand

Rims of Steel - A MrHumbugFilm 2013     


A Trip around the Block

Street (soi) dog trip around the block -Thailand

           A walk around the block - MrHumbugFilms.m4v         

The Attraction of the Odd Man Out

A video portrait. An unusual Chinese man with very strange hair, Shantou, Guangdong, China 

           The attraction of the odd man out. MrHumbugFilms m4v         

Old Man with Pipe

Another in a series of video portraits, shot in Yunnan Province China.

           Old Man with Pipe - MrHumbugFilms.m4v         

Fat Girl Struggles with Zip 

Another short film in the series of video portraits, shot in Guangxi Province

           Fat girl struggles with zip. MrHumbugFilms m4v